All Day: March 30, 2022
Wednesday, March 30 • 

Millions of kids are at risk for nicotine addiction. This is a youth epidemic & it's only getting worse.


Vaping has been a major problem since it was declared an epidemic in 2019. The flavors specifically target youth and the amount of nicotine these devices carry can be highly addictive. Currently, many school policies call for the suspension of youth caught using vaping devices on the school properties. The suspension can range from as minimal as 3 days in-school suspension and up to 10 days out of school suspension. Though the intent is meant to send a severe message to deter youth from vaping, it does not address the root cause: addiction. A recent study conducted in Mississippi has shown 33% of school districts in Mississippi assign suspension as a first offense or second offense to vaping. Others are more severe including expulsion and re-enrollment in alternative school systems. Let’s be the change we want to see and set the standard for ending vaping addiction. Standardizing policy across school districts while assisting youth with quitting can be a more productive and effective method for reducing vaping prevalence among youth and increasing attendance within school districts.


Please join us:

  • To encourage a uniform policy with uniform language for addressing vaping
  • To explore and adopt alternatives to suspension in our local school districts
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