Uniting Women in Cyber

By The Cyber Guild

Uniting Women in Cyber 2021, hosted by The Cyber Guild, will unite Fortune 1000 companies, small business technology and security leaders, and government organizations on emerging concepts, innovations, and thought leadership in the changing landscape of cyber. This 2-day virtual event running from 1:00-4:30 EST, will welcome hundreds of global attendees, thought leaders, and industry experts from all walks of life and will include perspectives around how we are leading the workforce in developing a broad entry from other industries. This event will focus on translating skills from mid-to advanced career paths, to retooling existing roles, challenging norms, and thinking differently about diversity and inclusion.

View complete speaker list and agenda by clicking here.

Here’s why this is a “CAN’T MISS” event:

2020 was undoubtedly THE year in global disruption and extreme change, not only in how and where we work, but how the monumental impact of advanced cyber threats is unfolding on a global scale at a rapid pace. As a united organization around bringing education and critical thought leadership to the table, Uniting Women in Cyber discusses the latest interest areas in threat detection and combat, and new technologies: all in a consumable, engaging format with the goal of providing inspirational, actionable advice on how to step up and get involved. From the next generation of cybersecurity leaders to seasoned veterans, UWIC is the leading entryway to gaining a deeper understanding of the global challenge, and a tangible platform to further develop skill sets, regardless of industry, and play a vital role in shaping and protecting our future. 

Speakers Include:

  • Ellen Lord, Fmr. Undersecretary Acquisition & Sustainment, Department of Defense
  • Kiersten Todt, Chief of Staff, Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Tarah Wheeler, CEO, Red Queen Technologies & Fellow, Harvard's Belfer Center
  • Karen Evans, Former CIO, DHS & Partner, KE&T Partners
  • Roland Cloutier, Global CSO, TikTok
  • Meredith Wallace, Director of Business Intelligence, Next5
  • Diane Janosek, President, Mid-Atlantic WiCY     
  • Tonya Ugoretz, Deputy Assistant Director, Cyber Division, Cyber Policy, Intelligence & Engagement Branch, FBI
  • View complete speaker list and agenda by clicking here.

This year's UWIC theme EMERGENCE is made up of 3 Key Components; Transition, Awareness, and Innovation. 

Transition: encouraging women from beginning to mid-career and beyond to transition into the cyber workforce, not as a veteran or former government employee, but rather from all walks and stages of life. 

Awareness: From defending reference architecture IP to protecting Kinder-12 online, there is an actionable, societal shared responsibility resulting from the cyber technology bleed into everyday life.

Innovation – Technology and Neuro-strategy: From remote work to spearheading concepts that shape technology like enabling ourselves to disable threats, ideas are in heavy demand. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. How do we connect the dots for all the areas of information gathering and all levels of decision-making to enable strategic action?  


Session Topics Include: 

  • Ascending to Cyber: It’s a Career’ Thing
  • Compliance Frameworks: Making them Work for the Greater Good
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • INFRA: Defense In-Depth and Pinpointing Criticalities
  • Quantum Computing and AI Convergence
  • The Cyber Mafia: Combatting Global Organized Crime With Rapid Scale
  • The Spectrum on Data Privacy Beyond Compliance and Insurance
  • What are We going to Do about Dis/Misinformation?
  • Where Do We Go From Here: Getting Involved and Moving the Ball



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