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By Global Legal Hackathon


The Global Legal Hackathon engages law firms, LegalTech companies, law schools and governments internationally to bring together legal innovators. The goal is to support rapid development of solutions to improve the legal industry worldwide.

The hackathon is open to legal, technology and business professionals: lawyers, law students, software developers, UX designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, business developers, and everyone passionate about LegalTech.

Every participant will be part of a team who will decide on their development project. The chosen solution will aim at solving a particular problem within one of the two threads: (i) progressing the business of law, or (ii) facilitating access to justice. All participants will jointly own their solutions and any associated intellectual property, unless the parties agree otherwise, except for any third-party intellectual property used in the project.

Teams can be formed in advance. All pre-arranged teams must be willing to accept external participants at the event. The maximum number of participants in a team is 6 (six). Every team should have a developer. Pre-arranged teams can start discussing the project they will be working on, but they must not begin development prior to the event.

All participants will have access to Technology Toolkit provided by the sponsors. The toolkit aims to accelerate the development of your project by giving you access to IBM Watson natural language understanding model and other solutions. See more details on the toolkit here.

Request access to the vLex Iceberg AI platform here. The registration deadline is 09:00AM EST (15:00 CET) Tuesday, 20 February. The first 100 teams to register will get access.

The event will be concluded with the teams’ presentations, after which the judging panel will select the winner who will proceed to the global round. The judging panel will comprise LegalTech experts from different domains of the legal profession.

The event will be hosted by Synch, one of the fastest growing tech law firms in the Nordics.

The best team will be considered for participation in Synch's upcoming LegalTech accelerator - Synch Sandbox.

The attendance is FREE. Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsors. The opening times and schedule are as follows:

  • Friday, 23 February: 16:00-21:00
    • 16:00 – sign-in and registration
    • 16:30 – presentation by NASDAQ about their experience from previous legal/regulatory hackathons
    • 17:00 – kick-off and team formation: if someone wants to join their team, they can pitch a 60 second idea to all of the attendees
    • 18:00 – hacking begins!
  • Saturday, 24 February: 08:00-21:00: full day of hacking
  • Sunday, 25 February: 08:00-22:00:
    • 08:00 – hacking
    • 19:30 – presentations are due to host organizers (though teams can continue to work on their solutions until presentations begin)
    • 21:00 – pitching to the judging panel: Team pitches are limited to five minutes sharp!
    • 22:00 – the winner is announced

All attendees must agree to the Global Legal Hackathon Competition Official Rules to participate in the event. Attendees can agree by:

  • Having the latest Cadence event Android or iOS app installed prior to the event. The latest version will be available right before event begins and will prompt them to agree to the terms.
  • or
  • Have them electronically sign the agreement here.


Friday, February 23, 2018 -
Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Birger Jarlsgatan 6
Stockholm 114 34
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After registering, download the Cadence app from the Apple and Google Play store.